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DAB Restoration - Our Quality Guarantee

Our Company has an extensive track record of successful work for every major UK insurance company.

DAB Restoration work is guaranteed not to affect the life of the manufacturer’s paint system.

We take our service to the claimants. This eliminates all unnecessary travel and off-road time for the vehicle user and relieves the insurer of the costly addition of the demand for courtesy vehicles. Claimants have full access to our technicians during the restoration process and when it is finished inspect and sign-off their own vehicles.

We keep a complete written and photographic record of every job and submit detailed records of every vehicle restored with our invoices, substantially reducing the case workload of our clients and assisting them to maintain control of the claim throughout the clear-up.

DAB Restoration have consistently proved that our process eliminates the need to repaint vehicles and/or replace glass. This offers considerable savings to our clients as the final cost is frequently less than half that of the extensive repair systems traditionally suggested for this type of claim.

During many years of service to corporate clients and with a track record of thousands of successfully completed jobs all over the UK we have worked to establish the DAB brand which is backed by a registered trade mark.DA

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90% of vehicles damaged by fallout or overspray can be restored without respray at a fraction of the cost.