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About DAB

When overspray or fallout on vehicles is the problem we are the UK's favourite solution.

DAB Restoration Limited

DAB Restoration specialises in the removal of particulate contamination on groups of vehicles or on buildings resulting from industrial emission or construction site overspray.

Our comprehensive service offers public liability and motor insurers a fast and cost effective solution and guarantees the vehicle owner the best quality hard surface restoration technique. All our techniques are hand-applied by experienced technicians. DAB has a commitment to the use of surface friendly and environmentally responsible products.


DAB Restoration Limited was set up in 1994 to deal with the growing problem of surface damage to vehicles caused by construction-site overspray and industrial fallout.
Michael Patten the founder believed that there could be no compromise on the level of service or quality standard that would, justifiably, be expected by clients of such a unique, niche service. As a graduate chemist with thirty years’ experience in the plastics, polymers and surface coatings industries he brought a unique depth of materials knowledge to the vehicle repair market.
The subsequent years of carrying out restoration work all over the UK for leading insurers and construction companies have confirmed DAB’s unrivalled reputation as the experts in this field. A second generation of owner-management is now well established under the direction of James Patten who remains committed to the continuity of service and long-term planning that is the hallmark of a business based on continuous family ownership and management. Access to specialised and experienced technical opinion remains readily available through the founder.


Our on-site efficiency, detailed record keeping and reporting has given our clients in the insurance industry the confidence to entrust us with ensuring the smooth running of the complete clear up process. This gives the claims handler the time to concentrate on the overall financial control and greatly reduces the burden of handling excessive documentation from multiple sources.