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Liability Case Studies

Liability Case Studies


1. Dust Contamination in School

Winter work on the roof of a school building created metal dust contamination which drifted over a large area including most of a village, covering cars, houses, businesses and commercial property. Glass, UPVC window frames, doors and conservatories were covered in rust coloured spots which could not be removed with conventional cleaning. We successfully restored over 350 vehicles at a cleaning station set up next to the incident site. Houses and commercial buildings were all restored with no need for any replacement parts, resprays or courtesy cars.

Our single point of repair meant no accident management companies were involved and no legal fees were incurred. The incident was contained with a single satisfactory solution and all property was restored to the satisfaction of the owners with no replacements or resprays.

2. Accident During Roadworks

We were called in by a leading insurer after an accident during roadworks on a major route into a large UK city resulted in a fountain of concrete slurry erupting over the highway during a busy rush hour. Over 350 vehicles were severely contaminated before the incident was contained. Dab immediately rented and set up a local site and created a booking system to ensure that all claimants could get their vehicles cleaned with minimum disruption within five weeks of initial enquiry. We successfully restored 98% of the vehicles, ranging from luxury marques and brand new cars to older models that had been the subject of a repaint.

Our prompt action and expertise in dealing with complex multiple unit claims saved the insurer the spiralling costs of expensive repaints and replacement parts and kept hire car charges to a minimum.

3. Power Station Problem

A problem with the start up after essential maintenance at a power station led to the emission of airborne contaminants. Inclement weather including strong wind and rain broadcast the fallout over the neighbouring town contaminating hundreds of vehicles and buildings. DAB set up a bespoke cleaning centre locally to accommodate the large volume of vehicles and made individual arrangements with home owners to enable property to be restored as efficiently as possible with each vehicle being restored within a morning or afternoon at the claimant’s request. Transport was arranged to facilitate the flow of claimants to and from their vehicles.

The swift and satisfactory restoration of all homes and vehicles resulted in the aversion of a PR disaster for the new owners of the power station and costs for our client were kept to a minimum.

4. Car Dealership Contamination

An incident of paint overspray resulted in more than 300 vehicles being contaminated at a large car dealership. The vehicles were principally pre – registration or low mileage models of European and Japanese marques including many 4 x 4’s. As the registration change was imminent, many vehicles were due for delivery to clients.

Dab immediately mobilised a team and were able to start a restoration programme within the week ensuring priority vehicles were turned around with minimum or no delay and all cars were satisfactorily restored within four weeks of enquiry. No repainting was necessary and our prompt action avoided claims for consequential loss of business.