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Contamination Removal from Buildings

Whilst our primary work is the restoration of vehicles, it is often the case that adjacent buildings are also affected in incidents of airborne contamination.


We have had great success in restoring hard surfaces affected by fallout , including an apartment block in London covered in paint overspray and a midland town affected by a power station malfunction which resulted in fallout over the surrounding neighbourhood. We are both PASMA and IPAF registered and are trained to undertake specialist restoration of hard surfaces, predominantly UPVC and glass and are used to dealing with the complexities of multiple property claims.

When winter work on the roof of a school building created metal dust contamination which drifted over a large area, cars and houses, including glass, UPVC window frames, doors and conservatories were covered in rust coloured spots which would not remove via conventional cleaning. DAB restored all affected property including both commercial premises and private houses across the village without the need for any replacement parts.