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Admin Solutions

Administrative Solutions

DAB have unrivalled experience of undertaking both single and multiple unit logistically complex jobs for our clients throughout the UK. Our secret is in the attention to detail and commitment to tailor our service to the needs of our customers.


Our admin team are always willing to find the best solution to what can often seem insurmountable problems, be it setting up an independent work station on a sensitive site or arranging a help line and booking in system for affected third parties in large multiple property incidents or arranging the restoration of a single vehicle in a busy inner city with parking restrictions, .

We are able to work within the rigorous guidelines applied to sites with high security requirements such as government agencies and chemical processing plants. In several cases where up to 1000 pre-sale vehicles have been contaminated in a distribution area, we have been able to provide the administrative depth and management to process up to 80 cars a day.

We maintain a daily record of restoration that includes a detailed satisfaction note for each vehicle and images which are all held on file at our head office. A single point of invoice, including lists of each vehicle restored, substantially reduces the work load of our clients and assists them in controlling the claim.

Our ISO 9001 standard demonstrates our commitment to excellence. We are continually striving to provide the best, most cost effective and simple solution to problems of fallout and overspray throughout the UK.